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Dobri Kiprov

Dr. Kiprov
is a Harvard Medical School trained immunologist with experience in hemapheresis, hematology, nephrology and research. He is Chief of the Division of Immunotherapy at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. As a world renowned expert in immunology and apheresis Dr. Kiprov is a frequently invited speaker at national andmeetings international . He has published more than one hundred medical articles and has written numerous scripts for video and interactive media. Dr. Kiprov founded Visual Creations in 1988. He's an award winning producer and director of medical instructional, corporate and documentary videos. For more information please visit:
Regina Rohe

Ms. Rohe
is a registered nurse and hemapheresis practitioner with twenty eight years of experience in research and clinical nursing. She has served as Education and Training director for several national corporations and medical organizations and has been published in medical journals both nationally and internationally. She is an invited speaker at national conferences and has participated in the conception and production of award winning videos.
Michael Anders

Michael Anders
has a degree in Fine Arts from Western Michigan University, and did his graduate work in film at San Francisco State. He has extensive experience in shooting feature films, commercials, documentaries and corporate videos. Many of his works have received awards in major film and video festivals and have been exhibited internationally.
Ian Boyd
Ian Boyd
has worked in interactive media for over 11 years. Ian is a creative director and digital artisan who is passionate about photography, point-of-view videography, interactive design, board sports and his family.

For a peek at a few examples of his work, click here: Medical Presentations
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